The world is changing, and so is the way we work.

The Uptown is the first co-working creative office space in Flagstaff catering to small business owners, freelancers and independent workers in creative industries and more. 

We own the building (so no landlord drama here!) and our in house interior designer thoughtfully designed and renovated the offices. Using natural materials with modern colors and accents creates a cozy work environment with a modern twist. 

When designing the space and planning out what should be included we wanted the Uptown to be a place based on flexibility and usability of space into our footprint. 

- Modern design with updated wood floors paint and chalk walls for collaboration

- 12 Private offices 

- Kitchenette space for lunches and snack with provided coffee water and teas 

- Meeting room that will seat 8 

- Outdoor patio space with seating (In the summertime) 

As a result there is plenty of room and variety of functional space to answer emails, spread out and get messy, plan a meeting. 

An inviting space and a niche space brings in like-minded people; an open design and welcoming environment encourages conversation and discussion; and flexible and functional spaces gives collaborative projects a place to take place.